When to call a cab

Here I'm going to educate you on when and how to call a cab:

Always call your own taxi service from your own cell phone, never a landline, especially not a multi-line business line or a blocked number. Your taxi service needs to be able to reach you at all times between the time of booking and the time you are in our vehicle.

when person A needs a ride, person A calls his own taxi from his own cell phone

when person B needs a ride, person B calls his own taxi from his own cell phone.

if person A needs a ride, person B can not call a cab for person A, even with the best of intentions, unless person B intends to pay for the ride in full at start of service.

Being a good Samaritan here (person B) is not simply calling a cab from any other number other than the person travelings own cell phone. A good Samaritan (person B) will search for the closest taxi with person A's cell phone, and hand them the phone, and have person A discuss the ride details with the dispatcher and receive confirmation text message, confirm and look down at his cell phone (that has a minimum of 25% battery life to it)

When you book a ride for a future time, you shall receive an email. You should indicate the correct numerical address along with your cell phone number, email address, full name and all info pertinent to your trip. outbound flight numbers are not important here.

When you book your return trip, flight numbers are CRUCIAL so it is best to text a picture of your airline tickets to the number provided to you by dispatch.

When you book an ASAP ride, remember we give rough estimates on pickup times, not exact. If we have a numerical figure far off from what we promised you, you (the client) shall be notified.

You will recieve a text message confirmation (usually with a hyperlink address of pickup) and a link to the website. Use that time to check out the website link we provided you with. There cold be valuable information about your ride on our website.

Make sure to confirm the text as soon as you get it. This will inform your dispatcher you want the ride.

When waiting for your ride to get to you, it is best to look down at your cell phone so you can see when your driver will be there, he shall contact you.

All ASAP ride requests are mandatory cash up front to avoid any route detours and ensure timely arrival at your destinations.


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